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Gathering of state-of-the-art algorithm for GPU based image and data processing.

Such algorithms are especially useful in applications where computer vision and computer graphics need to work together (aka Visual Computing).

They comprise the sourcecode for related research articles, and provide the basis for own experimentation.

All have been implemented on NVidia GPUs in Linux, hence the name "nvision" ;)

Teaser footage

Real-time tesselation of 3D meshes (SVN: gpu_refine)

Hi-speed Marching Cubes (SVN: gpu_marcher).

Eikonal rendering: Light Simulation of gradient index fields. (SVN: gpu_lightsim)

QuadTrees: Real-time video analysis (SVN: gpu_tools/quadtree)


Please browse/access the SVN repository via the project page. We always welcome more contributors, especially ... documenters ;) !

Background material / Related sites


Pleae join the mailing list nvision-devel.


  • 20080812: Added real-time tesselation.
  • 20070311: created a preliminary homepage.

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